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Core Features

Find Freights

The fastest and easiest way to find freight, truckloads In Canada and the United States

Find Trucks

The most convenient way to find verified truckers, and freight companies to deliver your loads.

Track Freight

Track your loads, and freights in the simplest way possible. Get updates via a seamless messaging and notifications system.

Direct Booking

Book loads directly and instantly. No middlemen, queues, uncertain bids, etc. Manage your booking efficiently

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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast can i find truckloads?

Finding a truckload on the skidster app is faster compared to other load boards. As soon as you register on the app, you will have access to truckloads at all times. You can search for truckloads by city or number of skids. We heard your complaints, and so we made the app simple to use.

Why ship truckloads with skidster

Skidster will match you with the right trucker, shipper or transporter for your freight needs in Canada and United States. We’ll find you loads faster and easier than ever before. You can post your truckloads and get bids within minutes on our app. It’s free to use!

It is the easiest to use freight-matching or load board app. Skidster gives you access to verified truckers, carriers who are compliant with road safety and load security. Get real-time updates

How are payments made?

No payments are made on the Skidster app. You pay directly to the carrier company, or trucker as agreed upon between both parties.

How does skidster work?

Pretty simple, log into the app and post your loads. Truckers or carrier companies who are interested will message or call you. Once an agreement is reached between the parties, the load is then booked by the trucker or carrier company.

If you are a trucker or carrier company, log into the app and search for loads around you to haul. If you find any load of interest, contact the shipper, broker, or individual that posted the load to book.
You can also post your truck. So anyone looking for your truck type can contact you directly.


Are the loads up to date on the app?

Yes, the loads are uYes, the loads are updated in real-time. The shipper or broker is required to set an expiry date for their shipments. And once a load has been delivered, it doesn’t show in the search result.pdated in realtime. The shipper are rwquired to 

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